Alarm System Linkage

Security management platform

In the past, security system means surveillance video system. With the development of technology and people’s awareness of safety and prevention, various security devices have been developed that can predict in advance, intervene as early as possible, and prevent crimes and disasters.
Now, Security system is an integrated system of equipment which is composed of safety protection products and other related products. Security system equipment includes video surveillance system, perimeter alarm, anti-theft alarm system, access control system, parking and storage management system, patrol system. These subsystems used to be isolated from each other and communicate by themselves according to their own protocols. This causes great inconvenience to security management.
Through the security management software, we can easily link up these subsystems. But if there is no management software, the security alarm system can also be linked through the linkage interface. The linkage of the security system can make people more timely and accurate to understand what is happening on the scene. The linkage of the security system can trigger the active defense such as the door closing action of the access control system.

However, not all alarm mainframe can be flexibly linked to other security subsystems. Only the programmed alarm host with complex functions can be equipped with linkage output and linkage interfaces such as RS485 to trigger other security subsystems. Example of burglar alarm link with video surveillance.
The linkage of access control and alarm system is also the active defense of security system. When the alarm system triggers the alarm, the output relay voltage is sent to the access control panel to lock the door from supreme level. So, the burglar will be caught. One the other hand, when fire is detected, the alarm host will send fire signal to access control panel and unlock the door. So, people can escape from fire soon.
If use burglar alarm only, we may only get intrusion notify from email, app, phone, sms. But we do not have video evidence of it. If use CCTV surveillance only, we get video of intrusion, but they have been in your home. So, to build a safety net around your home, you need perimeter security equipment, such as solar break beam and windows solar infrared grating, curtain pir, motion sensor, glass break detector, security camera, door lock, smoke alarm, gas alarm, door magnetic switch and link them together.
Linkage security system can better ensure people’s home property and life safety. Each security subsystem of the new technology is equipped with input/output linkage and programmable linkage interface. Better use of the various functions of the security alarm system can more effectively do a good job of home security protection.