Simple and effective perimeter security equipment

Wireless outdoor alarm system

Solar infrared beam detector is an intrusion detection and alarm product specially designed for the safety protection of outdoor and wild places.
The advantage of solar infrared beam detector is that it does not need power line and signal line connection. This greatly simplifies the installation of outdoor intrusion detectors.
It enables the invasion and destruction of wilderness farms, fruit groves, mountain forests, base stations and other places to be monitored.
Another advantage of the solar beam detector is that it is an active infrared detector. It emits invisible infrared beams to form invisible walls at or around the entrance to the protected area.
When a person, animal or vehicle crosses the beam, it immediately sends out an alarm. Through the alarm host, mobile app, phone, SMS immediately received alarm time, location and other details. If a linkage camera is installed at the scene, photos of the location are also sent to the mobile phone.
An alarm host can monitor up to 99 detectors. Gardens, fruit groves, farms, fish ponds and other caretakers can go to the alarm site to check in time.
The solar beam detector has a detection range of 10-100 meters with different products for selection.
Solar wireless infrared grating has detection range of 10 meters. It is mainly used for doors, Windows, aisle protection. It gives an alarm signal when someone goes over a window or balcony.

Solar power infrared detector has detection range of 15-20 meters. It can be used for security protection of gate, courtyard, Fish pond, orchard, forest. Solar wireless detector emits infrared light at a 15-degree angle to form a protective wall.
When someone passes through the invisible light, the detector immediately sends an alarm signal to the alarm host. The alarm host sends detailed alarm information to the mobile App and calls the voice phone to send short messages.

Solar power wireless infrared beam has detection range of 50-100 meters. It is used to protect the perimeter of factories, warehouses, art galleries, museums, campuses, farms, etc. 4 beam 6 beam and 8 beam solar pair has built-in alarm horn. When people or animals, vehicles through the police line, the fire alarm horn sounded.
The solar wireless acousto-optic alarm can be used to connect up to 32 solar detectors. When the detectors alarm, the acousto-optic alarm immediately emits a shock sound and bright light.

Outdoor and perimeter security intrusion detection systems are necessary to be installed to avoid loss of life and property.
Solar infrared detector can detect intrusions early and send warnings. This can scare and stop criminals from trespassing and criminal behavior in advance. After the intrusion occurs, security guards and people indoors can know early and take precautions. The solar wireless infrared beam detector can better keep the safety.