Install Infrared Beams Detector

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Installing active infrared beams detector is harder than installing passive infrared detector. The beams detector is installed at outdoor open space. It is always fixed on pillar or on wall. We should firstly confirm the protection line and draw the installing place on drawing. Then we mark the accurate installing point on fixing object such

The different security needs of shops with different size

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According to the scale of operation and management mode, retail shops can be divided into two categories: individual small shops and large/chain shops. There are also some differences between the two in the construction of security. 1.The number of monitoring probes: the number of monitoring probes in individual small shops is generally less than 10,

Security alarm in intelligent parking lot

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Sound and light alarm is needed for intelligent parking lot. It is installed on site and when dangers are found and confirmed, sound and light alarm will be triggered by alarm control panel. Loud sound and strong light will alert people on site. It has two functions: 1.Alarm prompts intelligent parking direction and speed When

What is beam system and how does it work

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Beam system is active infrared detector. It is consist of transmitter terminal, receive terminal, Optical lens, LED indicator for light intensity etc. The system works as invisible light wall. When someone is entering into the light wall, it blocked the beams. Then the detector triggers alarm for warning and notice. The beam system keeps working

Linkage of burglar alarm and video surveillance system

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Larger security projects require the linkage of alarm system and video surveillance. But the anti-theft alarms and video surveillance equipment are made by different manufacturers.Their communication protocols are different.Therefore, a certain way is needed to set the linkage of these two devices. There are three linkage modes of burglar alarm and video surveillance system. 1.The

oil storehouse security

Can solar beam be used at gas station or oil depots

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As we know, mobile phones and other wireless electronic devices are generally prohibited in flammable and explosive dangerous places such as oil depots or gas filling stations. Because gasoline is a volatile substance, oil and gas tanks and natural gas pipelines may leak and form a combustible gas danger zone, the radio frequency spark generated

Security service monitor and management platform

Security service management platform

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1.Product introduction Monitor Net centralized comprehensive management platform is a comprehensive business management platform with alarm video as the core, network as the transmission link, and Internet thinking, big data, cloud computing and intelligent technology system integration. It has the functions of unified storage, centralized display and centralized management based on the platform by connecting

types of carbon monoxide monitor device

CO carbon monoxide detector

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Carbon monoxide is a flammable gas and a toxic gas as well. According to the requirements of the design code for detecting flammable gases and toxic gases in petrochemical industry, only toxic gas detectors should be set up. Therefore, when choosing a detector where carbon monoxide is likely to leak, you should choose a carbon

How to set up fire security system

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Part 1 Laying Pipeline 1. Common pipeline material Electric tube pipe contains galvanized steel pipe, welded steel pipe, JDG steel pipe, KBG steel pipe and so on. 2. Wiring types the meaning of the various symbols labeld on common wire and cables NH——Refractory,pass GB12666.6 refractory test; ZR——Flame retardant,pass GB12666.5 bundle burning test ZA/ZB/ZC——Flame retardant Class

addressable fire alarm

Bus code fire control detector and module

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In the bus type automatic fire alarm system, all fire trigger devices and various modules have unique address codes. The coded fire detector can be directly connected to the bus loop.The non-coding type fire detector needs to connect the input module (or transfer module) to load the address code and then connect to the bus