Installation method of fire alarm detectors in fire security system

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The installation of fire detectors and manual call points is one of the main part of the installation of fire alarm and linkage system. With the development of intelligent fire-fighting technology, there are more types of fire detectors and manual push buttons, and the installation and wiring method may be different. 1.Method for determining the

Reduce false alarm

Analysis and solution of false alarm problem

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1.False alarm caused by improper design and installation of alarm system Problems of equipment installation location, installation Angle, protective measures and system wiring, etc. (1)When the passive infrared intrusion detectoris installed in front of the air conditioner or ventilator, it will cause false alarm of the system. (2)Outdoor active infrared detector is not properly protected

China Top ten brands of burglar alarm system manufacturers

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Introduction of burglar alarm system 1.What constitutes a burglar alarm system? The anti-theft alarm system consists of perimeter prevention and alarm system, community monitoring system, patrol management system, visual intercom system, detection system, anti-theft alarm host, infrared anti-theft detector, etc. 2.Type of household burglar alarm detectors It includes active infrared detector, passive infrared detector, microwave

Connect alarm device to NVR

How to connect NVR with alarm device

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Many DVR and NVR have alarm input and output function, and can be connected to a variety of wired sensors, such as door magnetic contact, smoke detector, infrared beams, motion sensor, alarm output can be connected to alarm lights, alarm horn, alarm siren strobe. 1.From the DVR or NVR panel, you can see whether there

Plant area security area

Plant area perimeter security solution

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The plant area covers an area of hundreds to thousands of square meters, and the perimeter of the fence is more than hundreds meters long. In order to prevent unnecessary losses caused by the invasion of criminal personnel, it is necessary to install infrared beams in the plant area for perimeter protection. Solar energy full