Outdoor perimeter security solutions

Wireless outdoor alarm system

Outdoor safety is essential. Outdoor security cameras are often used as security equipment.
In addition to outdoor security cameras, there are outdoor infrared beam, infrared and microwave detectors that can be associated with cameras installed in walls, fences, yards, walkways and other places.

Infrared beam can be installed in driveways, walls, fences, windows and access corridors. When a person or vehicle crosses the protective line, the infrared beam triggers the alarm and sends the alarm area information.
Therefore, infrared radiation can be an invisible line of protection.

Wide-angle infrared and microwave outdoor detectors can be installed at the entrance or in the yard. The detector triggers an alarm signal when someone enters the protected area.

Solar power wireless siren strobe can work with detectors directly. When detectors trigger alarm, the siren strobe will make loud noises and bright lights.

Video alarm hosts associate intrusion detectors, smoke detectors, and gas detectors with security cameras. When the detector senses danger, the associated security camera takes a photo of the alarm area and sends it to the app.

Smoke detector is important home security kit. Same as any other detector, the 4 wire smoke detector has N/C or N/O output contact and can be wired to home security alarm panel wired input zone.
It has built-in buzzer and can trigger sound light alarm on spot. At the same time, it send alarm to app via app alarm panel.