Smart home and safe home

professional alarm system

The difference between smart home security system and traditional security system.
Smart home systems include:
1. Intelligent lighting system, such as touch switch, multi-function control box, It can make ordinary lights to change color, brightness and switch on and off, etc.
2. Environment detection system, such as temperature and humidity sensor which can detect indoor temperature and humidity and automatically turn on the air conditioner.
3. Smart home appliance system, such as smart socket, which can remotely open and close home appliance through mobile phone APP.
4. Window curtain control system, such as door and window sensor, curtain opening and closing device, which can automatically open or close the window and curtain.
5. Smart home theater system.
6. intelligent door lock system, such as face recognition lock, intelligent combination lock, which can open door in multiple ways and can open door remotely.
7. Intelligent infrared detection system, such as water detector, combustible gas detector, smoke detector, intelligent high-definition camera, motion sensor, which can send app alarm.

You can set the automatic linkage between devices in the smart home system. For example, you can set home mode, in which the lights automatically turn on, the air conditioner automatically adjusts to the right temperature, and the TV automatically turns on. In contrast, at away home mode, the lights, TV, and air conditioner automatically turn off.
Smart home system can access Alexa, google assistant, via the voice, the smart devices can be controlled or operated.

Traditional security indoor intrusion detector, environmental detection sensors, security camera and so on can be set with WIFI or zigbee module, connected to the smart home system. But many specialized detectors such as outdoor microwave, infrared and electronic fences still need to be connected to alarm host. Then the alarm host sends alarm signals to the APP.

The wireless devices of the traditional security system can only connect with other wireless devices of the same manufacturer and communication is encrypted. Professional traditional security manufacturers have developed numerous detectors for different occasions and environments. Alarm detector and monitoring camera can be linked.

The detector can trigger the sound and light alarm. Alarm host can be managed by security service company, equipped with security monitoring software and electronic map.

When the traditional security alarm system detects danger such as intrusion, it will trigger sound and light alarm, dial the phone, send short message and APP push message and other means of alarm. The alarm should be sent in less than 10 seconds.

The programmable output interface of the alarm host can be connected to equipment such as access control. When an intrusion is detected, the door can be locked by linkage control.

Compared with the intelligent security system, the traditional security system is more reliable and secure. Burglar alarm, fire alarm, CCTV surveillance, access control security system has gone through 40~50 years of development experience. The design and features of security products include protection against disassembly, detectors against spraying, and cover up.
Outdoor detector is designed to resist false alarms caused by rain, snow, sun or pets. Wireless data encryption transmission to prevent counterfeit remote control, etc.
Smart home security systems cannot replace traditional security systems. Perimeter security, door and window entrance security needs to adopt reliable and safe detectors and security equipment, timely trigger sound and light alarm and call the telephone alarm.