How to install professional alarm system

Visual alarm system

Professional home security systems include a variety of detectors and alarm devices. Detectors are used to detect and trigger security events.
For example, the door status sensor is used to detect the opening of doors and windows and trigger the alarm. There are iron door magnets and wooden door magnet contact according to different types of doors. And there is rolling door magnet contact for rolling shutter doors.

The motion sensors are installed in each protected area to detect intrusions and trigger alarms. According to different angles of installation area protection, it is divided into ceiling PIR, wide angle PIR, curtain PIR and piR with MW detection. It can be divided into indoor detector and outdoor detector according to different protection environment.

In addition to anti-theft detection, there are all kinds of detectors for monitoring and warning of risk factors. Fire detectors are important and necessary for home safety. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, CO detectors, combustible gas detectors are fire detectors.
In addition, there are water detector, vibration detector, glass broken detector, etc.
The reaction and processing of the signal sent by the detector is the sound and light alarm and alarm host.
Meiantech Focus brand wireless siren strobe can directly receive the detector’s wireless signal and trigger the sound and light alarm. Each wireless siren strobe can connect to 48 wireless detectors and remote controls.

Alarm receiver is used to receive alarm signals and send alarm information to app, SMS, and connect the security service center to report alarm events.
The alarm host connects all alarm devices together. They can be deployed uniformly. The alarm host has linkage programming output, which can edit specific alarm events, linkage trigger camera recording, light on and so on.
The visual alarm host is connected with the security camera, and the detector can be linked with the camera. Visual alarm host equipped with hard disk, alarm video can be stored locally or uploaded to the server.
Professional alarm systems continue to improve safety technology and rapid comprehensive alarm technology. And the installation and use of the alarm system is more and more convenient.