New way to enhance security in public places

perimeter security

Precautionary warning is the most effective way of safety. It warns people before they engage in dangerous behavior. At the same time, it sends an alarm signal to the security personnel’s mobile phone. So dangerous behavior can be prevented. Security personnel can enhance security measures such as patrols.
People are concerned about their safety in public places such as schools, malls, and airports due to the rise in mass shootings and terrorist attacks. Theft, vandalism, and violence causes huge casualties and property losses. Physical security system is the effective way to detect and prevent crimes.
The solar wireless beam is composed of transmitting terminal and receiving terminal. Mount the infrared beam on the entrance and exit of the protected area or the protected wall, then an invisible protective line is formed.
Infrared light can be emitted from 800 meters to 1,000 meters. No power and signal cables are needed to wire. The solar wireless beam system can be easily installed in airports, schools, orchards, aquaculture farms and more.

campus museum security

Public places security

Solar beams can be installed in schools, gyms, museums and community around the perimeter. Abnormal climbing and approaching behavior will be detected and alerted. It can ensure the safety of public activity places. According to the environmental characteristics of the protection site, solar beam security system can be installed on the outer wall or fence.
protect oil field chemical factory

factory warehouse security

Places such as detention centers, explosives depots, chemical and petroleum warehouses need to be closely supervised. It is monitored 24 hours a day by a solar IR security system. The solar infrared safety system adopts high precision production process and technology to ensure safety and reliability. The system can automatically detect and send error reports to prevent man-made or natural damage.
construction site security

enhance public places security

Solar wireless beam system can be installed in orchards, forests, and aquaculture farms to prevent theft, arson, poisoning and other illegal acts. configured with app alarm receiver, solar wireless beam can report intrusion to app. Fruits and aquatic products in the wilderness and construction materials and personnel safety in construction sites can be protected. The solar beam works with a surveillance camera to upload pictures of the theft and damage to the user’s mobile phone. Wrongdoers are punished for their actions and owners are compensated for their losses.
You can watch, study and follow the solar installation video guidance on youtube.

You can shop the solar wireless beam system easy at Vedard alarm system store. If you are not familiar with the application and selection of IR, you can refer to how to choose active infrared beam. If you don’t know how to install IR correctly, you can refer to how to install Infrared beam. We offer a solar beam security system buying guide at how to shop alarm system.
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