The importance of intelligent security system management software

Intelligent security operation management software is integrated alarm management and video surveillance system. It supports the system integration of alarm equipment, access control, and integrates video surveillance, alarm system, intercom system, etc. Based on the actual application of various industries, the software has functions of alarm user management, real-time alarm handling, scheduled tasks, data query statistics, electronic maps, hierarchical management, and multiple ways to push messages, etc., and basic video surveillance functions such as preview, playback, centralized storage, alarm linkage, zone map, alarm verification, etc.

Why is intelligent security system management software important? How is it different from a security monitoring APP?
In addition to APP’s functions of alarm Settings, alarm information push viewing and monitoring, the PC software also has security system abnormal alarm, electronic map and other functions.

1.Query statistics:
Support mainly includes data query, event query, document query and other queries. In addition to supporting common shortcut queries, the query mode also supports fuzzy query and accurate query, and selects query according to different contents, which is more powerful and richer in content.
2.Real-time alarm enforcement:
Support alarm management, video linkage, electronic map, video preview, convenient for on-duty officers to view maps or video images while handling alarm situations.
3.User control:
Remote back control of users, operation to view the number of current online, offline, arming and disarming users, but also can quickly view user information and related events and other operations, and can also directly carry out remote disarming, bypassing, etc. operations on the host.
4.Video management:
Support common IPC and fluorite equipment access platform, realize video storage, preview, recording, playback, alarm linkage, nuclear alarm, PTZ control functions.
5.Device management:
Support alarm host, emergency alarm equipment, video equipment, intercom equipment, and manage by querying and counting user status, and count the current status of the device according to the information reported by the user’s front-end device.

Intelligent security system in addition to equipment to work reliably, accurately judge the intrusion, harm events and timely alarm and processing, it also needs to ensure that the equipment is not destroyed. Like other smart devices, such as self-driving cars, smart security systems can be compromised by various human or radio interference, causing them to fail to work properly.
So, devices check and fault alarm is what the PC software will do. The AC power failure, detector missing, low battery, door sensor open status etc. will trigger alarm. You can set hard-disk check, storage full alarm, video channels missing alarm and video surveillance image missing alarm. So, any vandalism will be detected and alarm will be sent. Logs of alarm records and device operation records are uploaded to the software. These logs and other records can be uploaded and stored on the server via FTP. It enables the security service personnel to check in time, and troubleshoot hidden dangers.
So, the intelligent security system management software is important. It is the guarantee that the security system can work reliably without missing alarm. It is convenient for security service personnel to easily and accurately understand the running status of the security system and security status.