Security Solution for community safety

We regard the detector and alarm host of the security system as the front-end part, from the alarm host to the alarm receiving center as the transmission part, and the alarm receiving center as the back-end management platform part. Once all kinds of triggering events of the user end in the community, such as anti-theft alarm event, smoke fire event, gas leakage event, home water leakage event and emergency help event, etc. Happens, it firstly sends the wireless radio frequency signal to the network alarm host of the user end, the alarm host immediately goes off an on-site alarm in the form of sound and light, and through GPRS traffic, wireless Wi Fi, GSM SMS and wired network, etc., alarm signal is sent. One way of the sent alarm event is transferred to the mobile phone app of the user end and the local property alarm security service center through the server. It displays the specific alarm area in detail, and can view the corresponding video monitoring screen. The other way is transmitted to the management platform of the security alarm center through the direct network, and timely pops up the baidu map, point distribution map and real-time monitoring picture of the incident point Face to face, inform the patrol to handle the situation. It is recommended to install wireless infrared radiation and video monitoring for the surrounding walls and access channels of the community. In case of any illegal intrusion, the alarm information is first transmitted to the alarm host of the local property through high-power radio frequency signal, and then transmitted to the security alarm center and the mobile phones of the personnel on duty through the network.
The intruder detectors adopt the independent power supply mode of automatic charging of natural light and timely storage of large capacity batteries, which can work without external power supply. Wireless door magnet and emergency button also use super large built-in lithium battery, without wiring and battery replacement. Once abnormal conditions such as alarm, low power and damage are detected, the detector will actively report to the host of the client in the way of wireless frequency modulation and frequency hopping, so as to truly achieve the all wireless operation mode of power source wireless and signal wireless.

The advantage of the design is that the early installation eliminates the tedious trenching and wiring, the after-sales maintenance is simple and convenient, and the safety risks are minimized.