Store shop security solution

store security service solution

For store or shop security solution, we suggest to install a wireless shutter door magnet at the main entrance of the shop, a number of solar passive infrared detectors at the sensitive places of the shop, a wireless emergency button at the concealed position of the cash register, the GPRS network alarm host fixed on the wall which is not easy to touch, and an external warning sign and sound light alarm siren. CCTV can use Haikang or Midcentury webcam or NVR. When the store alarm host is at arm state, once there is an illegal intrusion event, the detector will immediately transmit the alarm information to the GPRS network alarm host with 433MHz wireless FM + FH signal, the host will immediately ring the warning sign and siren on-site audible and visual alarm, and upload it to the server and the direct connected center platform by GPRS traffic, wireless Wi Fi, wired network or GSM SMS, etc., and then the server transfers to the user’s mobile app and other alarm terminals.