Plant area perimeter security solution

Plant area security area

The plant area covers an area of hundreds to thousands of square meters, and the perimeter of the fence is more than hundreds meters long. In order to prevent unnecessary losses caused by the invasion of criminal personnel, it is necessary to install infrared beams in the plant area for perimeter protection. Solar energy full wireless infrared beams can be easy used with no wiring and less maintenance advantages. The product adopts solar power supply and wireless communication technology, has the patent certificate issued by the state and 3C certification, CE, FCC and inspection report, and has cases and good reputation in many places in many countries on the world. The perimeter alarm design scheme of the plant: several pairs of solar wireless infrared beams (infrared distance of 100 meters, wireless signal distance of 2-3km) are used in the protection area. In case of illegal invasion, the radio transmitter at the receiving end (S end) of the Beam will send the alarm data to the signal transponder (or frequency modulation transceiver) in the way of radio frequency modulation + frequency hopping with strong anti-interference and long transmission distance )Each signal transmitter can transmit 50 groups of opposite signals with different addresses respectively, and then transmit the corresponding opposite alarm data to the alarm host at the back end. With the help of the network communication module and the alarm management software developed by the company, the electronic map and corresponding text remarks can be displayed at the PC end, and the whole perimeter alarm system can be installed easy. The host itself has a telephone alarm port, which can timely notify the user’s mobile phone or security center by dialing a phone.

If the alarm system needs to be linked with the monitoring video, only one linkage module of our company needs to be added to control the hard disk video recorder by outputting the switching signal, so as to realize the function of alarm pop-up screen.