How to DIY home security

How to DIY home security? It is easy to buy an IP camera and place it in the living room and remote monitor your home. But it is not enough to secure your home. To completely secure your home and prevent any intrusion, you need to know how to choose the detectors, where to install the detectors and how to set up the home security system. We will analyze the actual case of home security solution. We hope that can help you understanding home anti-theft and monitoring systems.
Step1:Determine the scope of prevention according to the home situation

From Figure 1, we can see that the 2 balconies and doors are in the most vulnerable areas. The second one is the kitchen and the study room windows (because the study room and kitchen are usually unoccupied, especially at night, they are usually vacant, which can easily become the entrance of thieves). The third is the master bedroom ①, children’s room ② and bathroom ③. So we firstly determined the areas that need to be protected. Then we need to determine the priority of the prevention area (the intrusion position is indicated by the priority of the prevention in the figure)
Step 2:Determine the defense area and the prevention method and equipment of each defense
After the location and area that are vulnerable to intrusion are determined, we need to determine the prevention method and equipment for each defense area. It is better to have all areas protected. But if the environment situation and community security is good, you can only have the main entrance areas protected.

1)Basic home security solution
This security solution only set defense areas of gate, both balconies, kitchen, and study room. Wireless door contacts are used for protection of gate, kitchen and study room. PIR motion sensors are used for protection of living room and bed room.
When the gate or study room, kitchen room door or windows are open, or body motion detected in living room and bed room, the detector will trigger alarm panel and loud sound siren strobe goes alarm, at the same time, alarm signal will be sent to mobile phone or security service center.
The shortage: When using door contact, the windows should be closed even in summer. Bathroom and children room is not protected and with security hazard.
2)Complete home security solution

On the basis of basic home security solution, one added infrared detector is installed in children’s room, living room and study room, and one door magnetic detector is installed in the window of the bathroom. In this way, we have completed a basic family anti-theft system, and at the same time, double detection equipment is installed in the key defense area (gate and study room)
When the gate or the study room, kitchen, bathroom window is opened, or have human body movement detected in balcony, children room, study room, the alarm will go off. At the same time, double defend of different types sensors installed in gate and study room to ensure the defense of the main entrance.
The shortage: although all the indoor scope has been in the protection, but the passive infrared detector can only active after the invasion. The perimeter protection of the balcony and the window is not very effective with door contact.
3)Improved home security solution

In order to solve the problem that the balcony and windows intruders can not be prevented at first time. We installed infrared barriers on the balcony and windows, and remove some indoor infrared detectors.
So, the infrared barriers outside the balcony and windows can promptly alarm when someone approaches the balcony and the window. Keep the intruder outside, prevent the intruder from entering the room. The improved home security solution can better protect the personal and property safety.
Shortages: No video monitoring function and linkage equipment, and unable to use technical means to retain evidence while alarming

Step3: Optional equipment to enhance the prevention function
Based on the above setting, we can choose smart detectors or microwave detectors to replace the above ordinary infrared detectors; add harmful gas detectors in the kitchen, Add linkage lighting control equipment in the living room (when someone approaches the window, the lights in the living room will automatically turn on when the alarm is issued); the door is equipped with a digital anti-theft lock; the glass is equipped with a vibration detector to further enhance the prevention ability. One thing to note is that, while focusing on new technologies and new products, security products should also focus on stable and mature conventional and reliable ability.