Security Alarm Catalogue

Security CMS Monitor system

Security Monitor System consists of center control panel, 1st level alarm host and all types fire detectors and intruder detectors. 1st level alarm host is installed in monitored house for communication between detectors and CMS. Center control panel is installed in safety guard room or community management room. It is used to manage the 1st level alarm host or other perimeter security detectors and security cameras. 1st level alarm host sends alarm message to center control panel and the management software and trigger reaction. The alarm management software running on a 32-bit windows system, connected center control panel through RS-232 terminal. Without complicated keypad operation, the CMS can be easy used to control alarm host, receiving message with detailed location with map.

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Fire Security Catalogue

Fire automatic alarm system consists of fire alarm control panel addressable or conventional type (FACP) and all types fire detection sensors with notify circuit, linkage exterior fire-fighting equipment. FACP, fire detection system smoke detector, heat detector, gas sensor and notification system siren strobe, alarm bell are the basic fire security components. Fire security system is designed according to local fire department requirement as per building height, area size etc. So, fire engineers and fire system installers are always well trained for the task. From our website Vedard Security, you can get fire security industry knowledge, fire security products instruction and fire security solution applied for small size, medium size business.

intelligent security

new technology security

Read security system news from Vedard Security Alarm technology company. Vedard Security is China alarm system supplier with technical support. New security technology and security industry trending articles can be read here. It helps security service company and security system engineer, security alarm installers knowing China security industry trend and security products development. It helps security system buyers shopping new technology smart and security products for home safety, business protection, environment monitor and more security protection purpose.

Focus Security Alarms

China top brand Security System Focus alarm system is the newest integrated security burglar alarm system. With more than 30 years development, Focus alarm and surveillance integration security system has been the world innovation. The new security technology has largely enhanced home security system operation convenienty and using comfort. Wireless technology, cloud technology further improves development of home security system. Today, DIY home security is so easy. Monitoring home and business is so convenient. With Focus new technology burglar alarm and fire detection system, home safety and business safety is in your hand.