Dangers and Security

Environment Dangers and Security

Environment Dangers Detection

There are 4 aspects of dangers we are around. They are theft danger, robbery danger, fire danger and toxicity danger. What dangers are we arround? It according to the surrounding of our living place and life style we are living. If you live in unsafe place and theft, robbery dangers are exist. Then emergency calling system, intrusion detectors, perimeter security equipment are needed for protection. Fire danger and toxicity dangers are induced by heating equipment, electronic device. Before setting up your home security system, you need to analyze the dangers around you. Then choose correct dangers detection system and on-spot notifying system, alarm dialer and alarm receiver.

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Exterior Security

Exterior entrance protection is taking more and more attention. One reason is the new easy installation perimeter security equipment with low cost for availability for security integrator and home owners. On this article exterior security, we discussed the trending of home security plan. We introduced solar powered wireless beams and video analystic perimeter security system. Both security devices are new technology and can be used for different application.

Integrated security for interior and exterior protection

interior exterior integrated security

To best protect the home and business, integrated security equipment is needed. The security integration includes interior security and exterior security. From security function view, the security integration includes CCTV, burglar alarm and intercom. On this article, we learned the security equipment features and security integration ways. We showed some examples for innovative integrated security equipment.