Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Control Panel Instruction

Fire Security system is well designed strickly according to fire department requirement. So, fire security train is necessary for all safety guard, security engineer and security installer, fire fighting personnels. Fire automatic alarm system is intelligent security system. With correct and in time operation, the fire alarm system can stop fire and save lives, property. On this article, we instruct how to operate the addressable fire alarm control panel.

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Addressable fire alarm panel

How to start fire security project

How to start a fire security project? From laying the pipeline to program fire detectors and debugging fire security circuit, we guide you how to install the fire security systems. There are material selection rules, equipment wiring principles and all fire equipment installation ways including fire display panel, fire broadcast, fire hydrant and fire exhaust fan. Click to read the fire security project guide.

Operation guide for fire alarm panel

Addressable fire alarm system guide

According to the Ministry of public security fire department statistics, fire accounted for a significant proportion of security incidents. Especially at night, the fire causes high rate dealth. Many factors may cause fire such as improper use of electrical equipment, smoking etc. Besides of regular fire safety inspection, a fire alarm system is needed as well. For public building, a complete fire extinguisher system is needed. Vedard Security is not only supplier of fire security equipment, but also fire and burglar security advicer. We hope every home owner and business owner creating safety and keeping safety.

Small business fire security solution

There are various security solution for building fire and security. Different size business building requires different fire and security solution. Wireless fire alarm system is new technology fire and security monitor equipment applied for small and medium size residential and commercial building. Vedard Security Technology company offer professional security equipment to meet clients' requirement for both security reliability and installing, maintenance convenienty.

Wireless fire alarm system